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Friday, August 1, 2008

Update on Kathy

My sister, Kathy, has been moved to Triumph Healthcare, where she will receive physical therapy and continue to be monitored by her doctors for her pneumonia, etc. We are hoping she will be there for three to four weeks, and then will be able to go home.

Triumph Healthcare 832-200-5500
Kathy Seabourne
off IH10 /Dell Dale Exit (Eastex Freeway-Houston)

If you would like to send her a get well card, please send it to:
Kathy Seabourne
Triumph Healthcare
15101 East Freeway
Channelview, TX 77530

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wonderful Weekend With Friends

This past weekend was one of the best I've ever had. We brought our friends Bob and Denise in from El Paso, and it all started out with a fun Happy Hour next door at the Laman's. Nine of us decided to walk several blocks down the street to have Thai food at a little local restaurant (Subsins-Manchaca Rd.) Great food, great company.

Saturday morning we got up early and the girls all went garage sale hunting. I got a small oriental rug for my bedroom for 3.00. It was a great bargain, and I was very excited. We then went to breakfast with Ruthann's brother John, and a few of us got to ride in his convertible Mini-Cooper.

Saturday afternoon we went to Mandola's in Driftwood. We started out by taking a winery tour, which ended in the wine tasting room. We then had an incredible dinner next door at Mandola's Italian Restaurant. After that, seven of us drove to Barton Springs and went swimming. We then walked over to the Zilker Hillside Theatre and watched Beauty and the Beast. It was a great production. The symphony played and the costumes were elaborate and fun. What a wonderful night.

Sunday morning, some of our group were able to make it to Chez Z for breakfast, where they encountered our friend Betsy (Doodlebug the clown) - working and I'm told it was a wonderful time. Alan and I were just too tired from Friday and Saturday. I then had to go to work for five hours. After work, I met up with my hubby at Barbara and Joe's for dinner. Dinner was incredible, and it was a fun party. There were about 20 people there. Barbara and Joe had the house and backyard looking great.

It was so nice to see Bob and Denise, and I think it was one of the most fun-filled, action packed weekends I've ever had. Barbara made up most of the plans, and they worked out great.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Stella Father's Day 2008

Stella 9 mos

June 16 - Monday-Boot's Off!!!!!!

Finally. I went back to the dr. today and she said I can finally take the boot off. Alan said I should throw it away. I'll wait a few days, then I'll have a burn the boot party! You are all welcome.

Back to work for 4 hours a day at full capacity. I'm so excited to be out of that boot, work seems like a joy. It's going to take a few days of standing for four hours to get used to it, but my doctor says the goal is pain free walking. I agree wholeheartedly.

So we went to Dallas and saw little Stella Saturday. She is growing so fast. She cut her first tooth (upper) and she is crawling, climbing and she is just the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. She (like many other children and animals) is crazy about Alan. He hung out with her Saturday night when her tooth hurt and she couldn't get to sleep, and he was the first one to get her the next morning. When we got ready to leave, Alan handed her over to Jonna, but Stella grabbed for Alan and showed let her mom know she wasn't too happy.

Ok-that's it for today. Happy to be out of the boot.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturday-June 7

Well, the foot is still not at 100 percent. My husband, Alan, thinks it is more like 60 percent right now. The physical therapist still has me in the walking boot, as my gait is not very pretty without it. She says walking all wrong could damage other areas, such as my knee, hip, or back. She really seems to know what she is talking about, so I am listening to her. She has got me doing a few exercises every day, but I have been unable to see her since Wed. My workman's comp hasn't authorized the visits as yet. I have another visit set up for Monday-but we won't know until Monday morning if its approved. If not, then it will be on Wed. She and I both agree that having to wait like this and keep my foot in the boot is just setting me back.

So-I'm a little frustrated that I haven't had more progress in week 10. Wow, its been a long time.

To be normal again, to walk in shoes. Walk the dog. Ride my bike. Can't wait.

This is not just a whinefest. I'm grateful to be off the crutches and out of the cast. I can get around much better in the boot.


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Etsy Sales

June 4th

Wow-I woke up this morning to another sale. That's 3 for June so far, and I'm up to 56 sales. It's very exciting.

Here are a few other items from my store.